Funny drawing of a man holding the earth in his arms, with a speech bubble that says "Oops!" Across the bottom are the words, "Best Climate Change Video Ever!"

Coolest Darn Climate Change Video You’ll Ever See!

We’ve all heard a lot about climate change—but what do you really know about it? Would you like simple, easy-to-understand answers to questions like:

  • What causes climate change?
  • What are the effects of deforestation and animal agriculture?
  • How does climate change lead to instability and war?
  • How to stop using fossil fuels?
  • What can I do? How do I stop climate change?

This ecosystems video has got to be the best introduction to climate change ever created! It’s a really friendly overview, fun to watch and easy to grasp. A great explanation of ecosystems for kids age 2 to 102. I hope you enjoy it!

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Friendly Guide to Climate Change – and what you can do to help” by Henrik Kniberg is licensed under CC By 2.0. 

After watching the video, ask yourself: What is it that makes this climate change video so very cool? Though I am in no way a video expert, I’m willing to offer you my thoughts on that:

First, the video provides a simple overview of the basic facts, illustrated with very simple art. Mind you, the facts themselves aren’t simple, but the video’s friendly, conversational style skips along without any sense of the overwhelm we tend to feel when confronted with the topic of climate change.

Second, the animated text and instant images, drawn with stick figures as we watch, keep the information visually new and exciting at every turn. 

Third, the narrator sets you up early on for an optimistic slant on climate change. “Well, partly, at least.”

Fourth, he brings you into the videography process by raising the curtain—first to show his face to let us know in a fun way about the references and where to find them if we care to look, and then later to bring us in on his (duh!) idea of solving climate change by stopping the burning of fossil fuels.

Fifth, the illustrated examples make it easy to grasp the realities of the causes and effects of climate change.

Sixth, he moves from the problem to solutions early in the video, congratulating us on our decision to educate ourselves by watching it.

And finally, the video offers and illustrates a wide variety of excellent steps we can all take to help solve climate change, no matter our financial situation or what skills and talents we bring to the table. 

With all that going for it, this video covers all the bases—it edeucates, entertains, and entices us to action. 

But then, as all videos must, it ends.

Instead of letting the inspiration you gained from watching this cool climate change video fade into a sweet but ineffective memory, you need a way to keep the inspiration going.

Aha! Why not keep an active reminder of some of the great ideas it presents somewhere where you’ll see them often and be stumulated to take action?

To that end, I invite you to check out our cool pack of 3 Eco Cheat Sheets!

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To your eco-active empowerment,

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