Funny drawing of a man holding the earth in his arms, with a speech bubble that says "Oops!" Across the bottom are the words, "Best Climate Change Video Ever!"

Coolest Darn Climate Change Video You’ll Ever See!

We’ve all heard a lot of climate change news—but what do you really know about it? Would you like simple, easy-to-understand answers to questions like:

  • What causes climate change?
  • What are the effects of deforestation and animal agriculture?
  • How does climate change lead to instability and war?
  • How to stop using fossil fuels?
  • What can I do? How do I stop climate change?

This ecosystems video has got to be the best introduction to climate change ever created! It’s a really friendly overview, fun to watch and easy to grasp. A great explanation of ecosystems for kids age 2 to 102. I hope you enjoy it!

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NOTE: “Friendly Guide to Climate Change – and what you can do to help” by Henrik Kniberg is licensed under CC By 2.0. 

To your success with eco action,
Chiwah Slater

Founder, Team GreenSaver