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Four kids of mixed ethnicity stand proudly in front of a happy earth rich in plant and animal life, under a banner that says “Save Earth,” all set against a sky-blue background. Text to the left asks, “Our Earth—How well are we loving her?”

Let’s Join Hands to Love Our Earth Better! 

Welcome to Eco Active 101! We’re here to embrace and empower families and friends to acknowledge the existential crises of our time and step boldly into the adventure of providing for our children’s physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being by partnering with them to educate ourselves and others, implement available solutions, and co-create the best possible future for all life.

The earth is changing—and now it’s time for us to change. Earth can’t take much more of the abuse we humans have been laying on her, and she’s letting us know that with melting polar icecaps, rising sea levels, huge increases in the frequency and intensity of storms, widespread extreme heat and drought conditions, and more—in short, climate change.

But climate change is not an all-or-nothing situation. The more we succeed in limiting our collective carbon footprint, the less will be its impact.

Colorful graphic shows a green earth with trees all around it, a red-headed girl at the top patting down the soil, and a large blue shape running through the earth … is it a river, or a pair of goggles? The words around the picture say, “Just put on your Eco-Glasses… for a shift in Perspective.”

The Stage is Set for Eco-Active Heroes!

Opportunities for eco-active heroism abound. Instead of falling into anger and depression over climate change, the threat of nuclear war, Covid and its legacy of division and suspicion, and all the other other threats facing us, a simple shift in perspective allows us to view our situation as an opportunity to step up and make a mighty difference.

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Maybe one person can’t change the world. But you don’t need to! Because the number of aware individuals eager to do their part is growing daily.

And teamwork makes all the difference. Working together, we can accomplish wonders.

Doing our part inevitably involves making changes in the way we do things. And change can be scary. But it can be fun, when we get the support we need to jump right into it!

Everybody’s Welcome Here! 🙂 

This is a place for adults and kids alike to learn about the threats to our Earth and what we can do to lessen the negative impacts of climate change, maintain a positive outlook, and be of assistance to those who need help. 

If that sounds good to you, climb on board! We’re ready for you. Choose a blog post, and start reading and planning your action steps.

If you work with kids or have children or grandchildren whose future is at stake, we suggest you start with this article.

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Or head over to Green Song Press (starting in summer, 2022) and check out our fun picture books. Your 4-8-year-olds will love Griffie and Pluck, our inspiring stars, who’ll show them ways to care for nature and help them develop self-confidence and social skills.

Chiwah Slater

Writer, Book Editor & Designer, Publisher; Eco Activist
Founder, AWriteToKnow.com, PetWrites.com
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