Welcome! to Ending Climate Change

and to Sustainability & Nuclear Waste Safety 

Four kids of mixed ethnicity stand proudly in front of a happy earth rich in plant and animal life, under a banner that says “Save Earth,” all set against a sky-blue background. Text to the left asks, “Our Earth—How well are we loving her?”

Let’s Join Hands to Stop Climate Change!

We’re here to join with you and your family and friends to save our planet! 

The earth is changing—and now it’s time for us to change. Earth can’t take much more of the abuse we humans have been laying on her, and she’s letting us know that with melting polar icecaps, huge increases in the frequency and intensity of storms, widespread extreme heat and drought conditions, and more—in short, climate change.

Some areas of the planet are now so hot and dry that people can’t live there anymore, and they’re emigrating in numbers far in excess of anything ever seen before.

Climate Change leaves no more time for compromise or for waiting to see what happens. We must make changes of our own, and we must make them now, or there will be no future and only a short-lived present. Who will take the lead? Certainly, as of the end of 2019 our government has not stepped up to do that. That leaves the task of initiating the needed changes up to us.

Change can be scary. But it can be fun, when we jump right into it!

Everybody’s welcome here. This is a place for adults and kids alike to learn about the threats to our Earth and what we can do to solve crises like climate change, nuclear safety, and other imminent threats to sustainability. Eco Active 101 even has a group action program, Team GreenSaver, where we take meaningful action to protect our planet—and help fund your favorite family-oriented organizations in the bargain. 

If that sounds good to you, climb on board!

If you work with kids or have children or grandchildren you’d like to get involved in solving climate change, we suggest you start with this article. And then look at Team GreenSaver!

Colorful graphic shows a green earth with trees all around it, a red-headed girl at the top patting down the soil, and a large blue shape running through the earth … is it a river, or a pair of goggles? The words around the picture say, “Just put on your Eco-Glasses… for a shift in Perspective.”

The Stage is Set for Eco Active Heroes!

Opportunities for Eco Active Heroism abound! Instead of falling into anger and depression over climate change and the mess we find ourselves in on this planet today, a simple shift in perspective allows us to view our situation as an opportunity to step up and make a mighty difference.

We recognize that you can’t change the world by yourself. And you don’t need to! Because the numbers of aware individuals eager to do their part are growing daily.

Here on Eco Active 101, you’ll learn basic facts others may be unaware of about climate change and other planet-threatening issues, and you’ll find opportunities to come together with others to make a real difference.

You’ll discover helpful information for…

  • Making your home and lifestyle more eco-friendly
  • Strengthening family and community bonds with shared learning and action experiences
  • Making our government and corporations more responsible and responsive
  • Creating a world that’s safe for us all.

A man marching for the fight against climate change holding a sign that says, “Save Our Planet.” The text outside the image says, “No time to waste!”

We celebrate your “woke” status! That you found your way here is clear evidence you’re one of the awakened. There are still a lot of folks who deny the existence of climate change, or who say that climate change may be occurring but that it’s nothing new. “What’s happening now is just part of that natural cycle,” they insist.

And many don’t realize or want to hear about the nuclear waste crisis—after all, isn’t the Nuclear Regulatory Commission there to look out for us? 

Let’s explore those questions a bit:


No. According to an ongoing temperature analysis conducted by scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), the average global temperature on Earth has increased by about 0.8° Celsius (1.4° Fahrenheit) since 1880. Two-thirds of the warming has occurred since 1975, at a rate of roughly 0.15-0.20°C per decade. In truth, the real climate hoax is the myth that we humans are not at cause for climate change!


Probably not. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has tended to side with the owners of nuclear plants in the face of well-founded public opposition. It has maintained that storing hot nuclear waste in thin-walled dry storage canisters is safe despite: a) close proximity to an ocean and a major earthquake fault; b) unavoidable gouging of every canister due to a loading system design defect; and c) through-wall cracks in a similar container in Koeberg, South Africa, that leaked after just 17 years. So, no, we should not trust the NRC to keep us safe.

While there are other issues deserving of attention—hate crimes, human trafficking, animal cruelty, gun control, bullying, the rise of oligarchy, and countless others—they won’t matter if we fail to implement solutions to the climate change and nuclear waste safety issues threatening the very existence of life on this planet.

Ready for action on climate change and other sustainability issues? We’re ready for you. Choose a post, and start reading and planning your action steps!

To your eco-active engagement,
Chiwah Slater

Founder, ecoactive101.com
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