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Your #1 Question: Will It Sell?

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In a world reeling from the disastrous effects of climate change, people know global warming is real.

But they’re confused. They want to know how bad it’s likely to get. 

And they’re hungry to know what they can do to stop climate change and guarantee their family a future.

So rest assured, Team GreenSaver is a program made for our time, and it pays high recurring affiliate commissions right from the start.

because … It’s a Jungle Out There!

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so … WHAT’S THE PRODUCT? In a Nutshell:

1. Hands-On Sustainability Action Sessions Each Month

where team members come together, share ideas, and cheer each other on.

2. Expert-Led Educational Webinars on Topics like:

• Fun Ways to Lower Your Carbon Footprint at Home

• Preserving Wildlife & Species Diversity

• Affordable Upgrades to an Eco-Smart Vehicle

• Low-Carbon Travel and Vacationing Discoveries

• The Green New Deal

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Your $$ Earning Opportunity:

√ HIGH COMMISSIONS – Looking for a program that pays you high recurring affiliate commissions? Look no further! Earn 50% from day one on memberships generated from your affiliate link.

Earn even more recurring affiliate commissions as those who join using your affiliate link share that link with others..

√ Lifetime Cookie means a monthly income for as long as they stay with the program.

Those Recurring Affiliate Commissions Add Up!
With just 50 “Family” program signups, you net $975 a month—that’s $11,700 a year—for very little effort on your part.

With 100 family program signups, you net $1,950 each month ($23,400 a year)!

You continue to receive those recurring affiliate commissions for as long as your signups remain subscribed to the Eco Active 101 “Edu-Action Climate Change Tribe” Webinar Series.

And — you can feel good about doing your part to solve climate change.

Disclaimer: These numbers are not intended to reflect an average affiliate’s actual earnings. No guarantee that you will have 50 or 100 monthly menberships is stated or implied. Your earnings will depend solely on your efforts, your audience, and their adherence to the program. You may be eligible for payment on fewer memberships, or more, at any given time.

• Cool Affiliate Tools

Banner Ads in different shapes and sizes;

Emails to send out to your list;

Text Links

Articles to post on your website or in social media

Twitter Ads

Terrific “Downsell” – In addition to recurring affiliate commissions, you also get a second chance to make the sale. It’s not really a downsell; it’s a gift. But the gift is an engaging 28-minute climate crisis video designed to convince them to join Team GreenSaver. View the video

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• How Do You Get Paid?

When people join Team GreenSaver, your affiliate link takes them to the sales page to select their recurring payment:

$24/month: Individuals;
$39/month: Families of up to 6 relatives;
$15/month: 2 Students, 2 Seniors, 2 Low Income Individuals, or 1 Low Income Family.

(We tell them that in recognition of the vital nature of the cause, there are a limited number of scholarships available for those in severe financial situations. If they can’t pay and enter the program on scholarship, you don’t earn a commission. But you haven’t lost anything, either, and the earth still benefits from their involvement in the program.)

Your 50% recurring affiliate commissions are paid instantly into your Paypal account via our third-party payment processor. 

The coolest program with recurring affiliate commissions—

Become a Team GreenSaver Affiliate Today!

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