Balance scales and the words, "Our Current Lifestyle of Extinctin? Our choice."

Have You Taken Part in an International Climate Strike?

Climate Change—Young people all around the world made their voices heard in the September 20, 2019 International Climate Strike.  And plenty of old folks and folks in the middle joined them! I made these two signs for the demonstration in my town.

Picture of balance scales, with the words "Our Current Livestyle or Extinction? Our Choice."

Like it or not, climate change is up to us! Even with a Democratic President, the responsibility for creating a sustainable planet is going to fall on the shoulders of the people. Nobody, but nobody, is likely to do it for us.

A picture of a greening earth, solar panels, and an electric car, with the words "Choose Wisely."

I’ve been amazed at the turnout in my town for the 2019 and 2020 Climate Strikes. After I signed up ahead for the first one, my housemate told me he’d like to go, too. We were running late, and I was afraid we might be the only responders and that the organizer would leave in dusgust because we weren’t there.

But as we drove up and pulled into a parking space, I was surprised to see numerous others getting out of their cars, as well. And when we arrived at the designated sreet corner—the busiest corner in town—there were already scores of people lining the curb, signs held high. 

Climate Strike demonstrators in Oceanside, CA, hold their signs high.

Standing right next to us were a mom and her two kids. “It’s their first time at a march,” she said. They held their big signs high, but then, being kids, they tired and let them drop. A shy little girl and a boy … Family Activism! Yay, mom!

A mom and her young son and daughter holding their Climate Strike signs on Oceanside, California's busiest street corner.

A guy I know only as “John” organized this event in Oceanside. Thanks, John!

Man in blue shirt holding sign showing a large yellow flower and the words "Climate Justice," at Oceanside CA Climate Strike demonatration Sept. 20, 2019

I mentioned above that fighting climate change is up to us. Marches like this are a good way to keep our momentum up, but there’s real work to be done, too. So … if we want to continue to have a planet to live on, it’s important that we make wise choices. We don’t have a lot of time to turn things around. Here are some things we can all do:

  • Stay informed, and team up with other families and individuals to take concerted action. You have more impact that way, and it’s a lot more fun than trying to go it alone.
  • Forego taking that cruise and go camping instead.
  • Take the train or a bus instead of flying. And never, never take anothe cruise!
  • Go solar now! If you’re in a windy area, invest in a wind turbine.
  • Stop accepting single-use plastics.
  • Start washing all your clothes in cold water.
  • Attend local government meetings and speak up.
  • Write letters to your elected local, state and national government officials taking a stand for all things related to climate change.

And thanks for caring!

Sure, the corporations need to do their part. And they’ll do it on their own, to the extent that it builds good will and doesn’t interfere too badly with their bottom line. But when it does? They’ll only make the changes we all need them to make if we force them to do so. 

And the government? We’ll see. Get active in getting Democrats out to the polls on Election Day! 

To your eco-active empowerment,

Eco Activist 🙂 Kids’ Book Author 💡 Editor 😯 Book Formatter 😎 Cover Designer 😀 Publisher,