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Family Spotlight On Global Warming

Talking to children about global warming facts, what causes global warming. Family eco projects like eco friendly cleaning products, how to build a birdhouse.

Have You Taken Part in an International Climate Strike?

Climate Change—Young people all around the world are making their voices heard in Sept. 20’s International Climate Strike. And old folks and folks in the middle are joining them! Will you be joining the climate strike?

Nuclear Waste—How to Be Part of the Solution

Americans are in denial about nuclear waste. The industry repeatedly tells us we’re safe. It’s a lie. Find out more, and what you can do about it.

UN Climate Summit: Entrepreneur’s Challenge & Greta’s Hard Hitting words—it’s up to us

UN Sec’y Gen’l Guterres on climate change, Inspiring youth voices for climate justice and eco entrepreneurism, and Greta’s hard hitting speech to heads of state

Speaking Out Could Win Nuclear Waste Lawsuit

A Letter to the Editor guarantees that more readers understand the importance of a nuclear waste lawsuit the court only agreed to hear because of public outcry.

How Many Single-Use Plastics Are You Still Buying?

Single-use plastics are everywhere, contributing to climate change. Hard to avoid. Learn how we can influence manufacturers to change their packaging.

Why Families Must Embrace Eco Activism Immediately

Global warming facts & nuclear waste mishandling demand immediate action. It’s up to us. Time is short. 10 steps to empower your family to help save the planet.

Saving the Planet — It’s Up to Us!

Why is it taking action on climate change so important? Family activism is a powerful agent of change! Get your kids involved to change the climate change news!

Shrewd Shopper—Avoid ThesePalm Oil Label Tricks!

Food labels can be deceptive! Learn how to avoid unsustainable palm oil, which is destructive to the environment and contributes to climate change.

Coolest Darn Climate Change Video You’ll Ever See!

This fun video tells you everything you need to know about Climate Change!

Power to the People—We Triumph Over Real Estate Boondoggle

Against overwhelming odds, we got enough signatures to qualify a land use initiative for the ballot, and the people voted with us despite the millions the developer spent on misleading propaganda. Power to the People!

Eco Opportunity of a Lifetime—Act Immediately

Eco Opportunity of All Time! Our earth home is on fire, and we must take action. But how bad is it, really? The proof. And what we must do NOW and in November.

Top Climate Change Solutions List—38 Things To Do Immediately

Climate Change Solutions List, 38 things to do if you need green action tips. From kitchen to community to your website, priceless planet saving ideas!

“Planet of the Humans”—A “Must See” Disaster?

Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans exposes contradictions in the “green” movement, yet offers only a population control solution. Let’s explore other solutions!

Environmental and Climate Change Heroes, Past and Present

Ever wondered who we should be grateful to for our country's environmental movement, or how it came to be what it is today? Budd Titlow (award winning nature photographer) and Mariah Tinger (sustainability consultant, author and professor) presented this wonderful review of climate change heroes, past and present, at a recent meeting of San Diego's …

Environmental and Climate Change Heroes, Past and Present Read More »