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  "Who Are You, Cat-Bird?" book cover      

Front cover showing "Green Actioneers Family Action Guide" in bold gold letters on Green background, then in black letters "The Definitive Guide to "Going Green," Saving Money, and Saving Our Planet!". Under that is a colorful drawing of Earth, Sun and Sky with lots of happy people and a spacecraft landing.      "Griffie Gets a Green Song" Book Cover with picture of Griffie singing, Mia playing piano, and Liam on drums against yellow background. Over the image in big green capital letters, it says "COMING SOON."

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Welcome to Green Song Press, the eco-friendly publishing arm of Eco Active 101, where families team up to have a positive impact on climate change and other environmental issues.

We publish books for children with an eye to gently raising their eco awareness and motivating them to get their families to join hands in taking environmental action.

Beginning in March 2023, we will be offering a kids’ activities program, Griffie’s Kids’ Club, where a family membership entitles kids to a wealth of puzzles, storyteling  and artistic challenges, coloring pages, and opportunities to earn badges by taking positive eco action and influencing others to do the same.

Our books are designed to touch the heart and tickle the funnybone, vibrating the strings that connect us to Earth and all life.

We believe in the “trickle up” theory as applied to social and environmental improvement: families working together for the common good can be a powerful agent of change that “trickles up” to become policy.

We embark on this journey with the creation of two children’s picture storybook series. The Griffie’s Eco Adventures books are designed to engage kids with nature and educate them about protecting renewable resources, while The Plucky Duck books encourage kids to live from the heart and stretch to be all that they can be.

Who Are You, Cat-Bird?, the flagship of the Griffie’s Eco Books series, makes its appearance in early fall, 2022. Mrs. Macker’s Quacker, the first of The Plucky Duck series, was published in 2021.

Both feature lovable characters, compelling storylines, and stunning illustrations. Their expert rhyme and rhythm combinations make them unforgettable children’s literature.

Books featured on this website are published by Green Song Press and our publishing partners in whose books we have played an integral role, including Creative Pursuits Publishing and Green Actioneeers.

Books we know your kids will love …
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