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Families and adults joining hands to take meaningful action together—

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live, interactive webinars featuring experts
and other imminent sustainability threats.

In a world reeling from the disastrous effects of climate change, with climate scientists acknowledging that we can no longer afford to drag our feet in making profound and far-reaching changes to contain our greenhouse gases by 2030 …

How can you stay abreast of all the many issues facing us and what we each need to do to guarantee the safety of life on Earth?

It’s a Jungle Out There!

If you’ve been keeping your ear anywhere close to the “ground” this past year, you’re well aware that although the rest of the world is focusing on fighting climate change via their commitments to the Paris Accord, the United States is not.

In fact, the United States is set to drop out of the Accord on January 20 of 2021 instead of uniting with the rest of the world to solve the climate crisis.

Faces of 2 climate change deniers superimposed over an earth split down the middle, as by a fault, with the words "Wanted: Earthquack Protection."

Indeed, the current US Administration has moved with haste to inactivate environmental provisions designed to preserve our forests and national parks and the animals who call them home, institutionalize fracking, and put the alternative energy industry out of business.

America has a sizable contingent of climate deniers who maintain that global warming is a natural phenomenon and that there is, therefore, little we can do  to turn it around.

But climate scientists say no, the cause of our climate crisis is human activity. They tell us time is short, that we must take action. NOW.

Or forfeit our children’s right to a future.

It’s Up to Us!

Climate crisis 2020 is not going to be solved by the upcoming American election alone. No matter who sits in the White House, it will still be up to us to ensure that this country moves forward with haste and a comprehensive sustainability action plan. Only then will we have the moral right and the real-world leverage to insist that other countries do their part.

And it’s up to us to live as examples to today’s youth, to model living an eco-responsive life. Make no mistake, they are watching. It’s their future, and there’s no reason they can’t be part of the action! That’s what makes this program is so perfect for families.

To Be Effective, You MUST Stay Informed.

Climate change involves a highly complex set of issues, and there are other threats to life on this planet, too—nuclear waste, 5G, and more. Everywhere you look, the poop is hitting the fan!

Let’s say you decide to learn about solutions for plastics.  Along the way, you come across some exciting info on electric cars, or how to be green on the Internet, or the importance of going vegan, or how we’re endangered by the politics of nuclear waste. . . .

Pretty soon, you’re overwhelmed. You get discouraged, and your energy fizzles. After all, you’re just one person! How can you have any impact?

Even for an expert, it’s hard to stay up to the minute on every aspect of keeping Earth livable, much less take action.

Imagine how different it would be if you were part of an action-taking team! Families and concerned adults learning together and working hand in hand on short, doable projects to live more sustainably and influence others, including governments and corporations, to make the changes that will save our planet!

A tree branch with ants at work, and the word "Teamwork"

There Really Is Strength in Numbers!

That’s why eco-savvy individuals and families are joining Team GreenSaver, the unique one-of-a-kind INTERACTIVE WEBINAR and TEAM ACTION program.

Here’s How It Works:

1. Work Together on Hands-On Projects . . .

As a GreenSaver, you’ll want to take part in the WEEKLY online ACTION sessions!

There’s one each month for kids, one for young teens, and one for high school teens and adults, focusing on ACTION and offering the TEAM support you need to keep you PRODUCTIVE.

Between sessions, you’ll want to stay in touch with other GreenSavers and keep up on the latest action events in the MEMBERS’ AREA and the Members-Only FACEBOOK group.

Sometimes we all take action together. Sometimes we join in on actions with other eco organizations. And sometimes we commit to individual actions, and then come back together to share our results.

Some actions focus on making our own lives more sustainable or on lowering our own carbon footprint. Others take us online or out into the offline world to raise awareness and inspire others to take action to promote the sustainability of life on Earth.

Because it’s up to us to Speak Out.

If not us, WHO?

2. Explore New & Relevant Sustainability Topics with Experts

Frequent live, interactive webinars featuring seasoned experts (or teams of experts) provide in-depth coverage on topics related to the sustainability of life on earth, packed with invaluable information and insight to add breadth and depth to your understanding. Ask your questions, make comments and receive valuable feedback.

Homemade non-plastic sandwich bag

Topics such as:

  • Maintaining an Eco-Conscious Home
  • Adopting a Vegetarian or Flexitarian Diet
  • Reducing Your Electronic Footprint
  • Switching to Green Banking & Investments
  • Starting a Community Garden

More Webinar and Project Topics:

  • Landscaping with Local Species
  • Preserving Local Wildlife & Species Diversity
  • Protecting the Health of our Oceans
  • Coping with Rising Sea Levels
  • Low-Carbon Vacations, Outdoor and Luxury

Nature scene with lake, green hills with evergreen trees, large mountains in back against blue sky

Still More Webinar and Project Topics:

  • Ecological Transportation and Travel
  • Nanotech Solutions to Knotty Problems
  • Nuclear Safety – weapons, waste, & energy plants
  • 5G, Its Likely Effects & What We Can Do
  • Climate Justice & the Goal of Eco Equality
    And more.

Large red heart with Activist Family logo showing a tree, the ocean, and a family, with the words "Saving the planet, it's up to us."

The “WHY” Behind This Program

Certainly, the challenge of climate change is something we all must face. And it’s hard to get started alone, let alone keep at it; that’s where the TEAM comes in.

But why get FAMILIES involved? 

A couple of years ago, my son informed me that young people are angry at my generation for failing to put a stop to fossil fuels and the other causes of global warming.

I saw that this issue threatens to tear families apart. And I saw a way to transform it into an opportunity to bring families together. So I created Eco Active 101’s Team GreenSaver as a way to get not just individuals, but also kids and their parents (and grandparents) learning and taking action TOGETHER on the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.

We are all in this together. By joining hands and taking action as a team, we can have a real impact. 

And keep our families intact and loving.

A picture of Chiwah Slater, smiling, pointing a friendly finger at you.

Chiwah Slater,
Climate Reality Leader,

Founder of Eco Active 101
and Team GreenSaver

Greta Thunberg speaks at World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 2019

“I want you to act as if the house is on fire … because it is.”
– Greta Thunberg at the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 24, 2019

But—Team GreenSaver is not for everyone. 

It’s not right for you if you’re not motivated to dive in and make a difference.

And it’s not right for you if you’re unwilling to look at the ways you need to change your life.

Who IS it right for? Families and adults who see the benefit of belonging to a TEAM of ACTION TAKERS that makes taking action together FUN and PRODUCTIVE.

Together, we can help move this world to Net Zero by 2030.

Ready for action?

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