Have you ever seen an affiliate program that moves people
to action
on climate change? We haven’t—

Except this one.

Introducing …

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Do Something Nice for Your Email List—
Offer Them an Engaging Climate Change Video, FREE!

What does a Climate Change video have to do with your business?  Nothing, perhaps—directly.

And yet—we all want to do our part to stop climage change. Right?

If you’re already taking steps to help stop climate change, three cheers! (Read on.)

If you haven’t stepped up to the plate yet, are you looking for a way to do that?

In either case, this video and affiliate program are likely to fill a gap in your approach.

“This Team GreenSaver video was so good at connecting the dots,
I watched it twice to be sure I didn’t miss any.”
– Albert Kueffner, Oakland, CA

Who hasn’t wondered, How do I stop climate change?

Though most people have a vague understanding that the crisis is real, few have any idea of how they can contribute to solving it.

Viewers will thank you for offering them this short, engaging overview. It’s perfect for adults and high school students, and for families who’d like to come together to help stop global warming and empower their kids to protect their future.

The video explains the advantages of being part of Team GreenSaver. Then, when they click to join, this unique and timely affiliate program becomes a paying continuity program for your business or organization!

How does it work? When they join Team GreenSaver, they’ll be welcomed into
Online “Edu-Action” Sessions
in a welcoming space where families & individuals can
LEARN and TAKE ACTION on CLIMATE CHANGE News and other threats to life on Earth!

A tree branch with ants at work, and the word "Teamwork"

The TEAM GREENSAVER Program in a Nutshell:
• 2 Kinds of Online Interactive Sessions

1. Hands-On Group Action Sessions for Families and Individuals:

Team GreenSaver members attend hands-on meetings each month in which we take specific, practical actions as a team.

The focus is on:

a) Improving our personal relationship to green living and helping others do the same, and
b) Influencing corporations and governments to enact climate-appropriate policies.

To help families who want to work as a team, we offer three levels of age-appropriate action sessions each month: sessions for kids, sessions for young teens, and sessions for high school students and adults. All focus on ACTION and offer the TEAM support people need to stay PRODUCTIVE.

2. Expert-Led Educational Webinars on Climate Change and Related Topics, Like:

• Fun Ways to Lower Your Carbon Footprint at Home

• Preserving Wildlife & Species Diversity

• Affordable Upgrades to Eco-Smart Transportation

• Low-Carbon Travel and Vacationing Discoveries

• Implementing The Green New Deal

Topics are chosen to reflect the interests of Team GreenSaver members. Our engaging and informative interactive webinars feature seasoned experts (or teams of experts) on climate change news and other threats to life as we know it … and what we can do about them. 

Participants can ask questions, make comments and receive useful feedback.

Curved strip of film showing colorful frames of trees and other nature images

How Your Company or Organization Benefits

Earn your subscribers’ gratitude by offering added value—this unique FREE climate change video is edutainment at its best. 

Enjoy priceless PR via the affiliate program’s done-for-you press releases highlighting your company or organization’s contribution to education and action on climate and sustainability.

√ Attract new followers through the afiliate program’s website and social media publicity.

Enrich your company or organization’s website and/or newsletter with FREE and useful content supplied by the affiliate program.

√ Earn 30% recurring monthly commissions on memberships generated from your participation in this affiliate program.

Earn even more commissions through the affiliate program as video viewers share your company or organization’s special link with others.

Graceful green tree bearing bunches of gold dollars.

How Will You Use Those Monthly Commissions?
With just 50 “Family” signups, your organization earns $7,020 for the year—okay, that may not be a lot, but that’s on top of the good will you’re garnering for doing your part to help rescue humanity (and all life) from the Climate Crisis as part of our affiliate program, which requires almost NO effort on your part.

With 100 “Family” signups, your annual earnings from the affiliate program come to $14,040. And those commissions keep rolling in for as long as you remain in the affiliate program and your signups remain subscribed to the Team GreenSaver program.

Best of all, what you’re offering them is a free solution to their dilemma as to how to do their part for the climate, not a product they have to buy. 

Let’s get real here about those affiliate program commissions: They’re unlikely to amount to enough to allow you to open a new branch office. So we suggest you consider  paying them forward and make a real difference for the world—a difference guaranteed to bring you priceless PR.

Some suggestions:

  • Sponsor a “Happy Earth” art contest for kids age 6 or under and for the 7-to-12-year-old age group, and award cash prizes or a trip to the nearest Disney park.
  • Offer a 6-month or 1-year scholarship to a family or individual who wouldn’t otherwise have the funds to enroll in Team GreenSaver.
  • Offer a college scholarship to the student who Team GreenSaver members agree has made the greatest strides toward solving climate change.
  • Get creative! Come up with your own ideas for how to pay those commissions forward that will help move the world beyond worries about climate change.
  • Or … you can keep them, if you prefer. And miss out on that PR.

• Marketing and Promotion

√ The affiliate program supplies the content you’ll need to invite individuals and families to the FREE Climate Change video;
√ The affiliate program promotes your organization with occasional press releases, social media announcements, etc., to help build your membership base.

Don’t you agree that this an amazing affiliate program?

A hand poised over water, fingers making peaceful little ripples

Here’s all you do:


      • Sign your company or organization up to earn commissions  in the affiliate program;
      • Invite your members or followers to the FREE Team GreenSaver Climate Change video by emailing them the invitation the affiliate program provides you.


      • Earn more commissions by posting our periodic teaser articles on your website or in your newsletter;
      • Generate even more commissions by posting our periodic customized-for-you social media invitations to attract new members;
      • Get more community exposure by giving us permission to feature your logo on our website as an affiliated business or organization.

Other than that, we do all the work—while YOU enjoy the good will and commissions.

When people click to join the Team GreenSaver webinar program, they are taken to the Team GreenSaver page on our website to select their recurring payment:

$24/month: Individuals;
$39/month: Families of up to 6 relatives;
$15/month: 2 Students, 2 Seniors, 2 Low Income Individuals, or 1 Low Income Family.

(We tell them that in recognition of the vital nature of the cause, there are a limited number of scholarships available for those in severe financial situations. If they can’t pay and enter the program on scholarship, you don’t earn a commission. But you haven’t lost anything, either, and the earth still benefits from their involvement in the program.)

Your commissions are paid instantly into your organization’s Paypal account via the affiliate program’s third-party payment processor. 

Outside of your emailing our pre-written invitation to view the FREE video, affiliate program administrators handle all required administrative tasks and the affiliate program covers the program and administrative costs. 

(If you know of any other affiliate program that offers you all these benefits, we’d appreciate hearing about it!)

Reddish cat lies sleeping comfortably on white carpet.

Being on the affiliate program team for Team GreenSaver is like having your own membership site, on automatic pilot!

How so? Your company or organization name and logo are highly visible to members, who return again and again to keep up to date with Team Greensaver projects. And you don’t have to lift a finger to run it!

The “WHY” Behind This Program

Certainly, the challenge of climate change is something we all must face. And it’s hard to get started alone, let alone keep at it; that’s where the TEAM comes in.

But why get FAMILIES involved? 

A couple of years ago, my son informed me that young people are angry at my generation for failing to put a stop to fossil fuels and the other causes of global warming.

I saw that this issue threatens to tear families apart. And I saw a way to transform it into an opportunity to bring families together. So I created Eco Active 101’s Team GreenSaver as a way to get not just individuals, but also kids and their parents (and grandparents) learning and taking action TOGETHER on the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.

We are all in this together. By joining hands and taking action as a team, we can have a real impact. 

And keep our families intact and loving.

A picture of Chiwah Slater, smiling, pointing a friendly finger at you.

Chiwah Slater,
Climate Reality Leader,

Founder of Eco Active 101
and Team GreenSaver

Have More Questions?

• Call or text us at 1-442-615-0399, or
• Email us at info@EcoActive101.com using the subject line “GreenSaver Org Affiliate Program Inquiry.”