The best in climate change speakers—

Wow! I sat transfixed as Chiwah enlightened us
on the extent of the trouble our planet is in.
She was engaging and funny, offering practical ways
to “step lightly and leave a tiny carbon footprint.”

A Martian in a spaceship is baikng a pizza in the heat of a fiery earth. The words say, "Mmmmm, baked to perfection!"

Looking for climate change speakers who tell it like it is … yet leave your audience excited about taking action?

Look no further!

Chiwah Slater, your presenter

One of the most gifted of climate change speakers, Climate Reality Leader Chiwah sprinkles serious topics with humor and examples from real life.

Chiwah isn’t one of those climate change speakers who spend all their time dwelling on the problem.

She presents her own compelling and informative slide show detailing …

Eco Active 101 founder Chiwah Slater, Climate Reality Leader

Today's Topics: Why do we love Earth? What is Earth Going Through? What Needs to Happen? What Can YOU Do? and Why Team Up with Family and Friends?

Yes, devastating climate changes are popping up around the world—
Chiwah shows us WHY, and What they mean for humanity:

This presentation will hold your audience spellbound and show them what we—as Americans and Earth inhabitants—can and must do to hold climate change in check. 

Chiwah Slater offers A Path for Action!

Chiwah Slater on Oceanside Pier, with beach and houses behind her.

Chiwah isn’t one of those climate change speakers who spend all their time dwelling on the problem.

A Climate Reality Leader and the most gifted of climate change speakers, Chiwah sprinkles serious topics with humor and examples from real life.

She has a way of entertaining, educating and inspiring audiences to positive action on topics like Climate Change, Nuclear Waste Safety, and The Coming Invasion of the 5G Brigade.

Yes, she shows us what’s happening, making the point that when it comes to saving the earth, IT’S UP TO US. 

Large red heart with Activist Family logo showing a tree, the ocean, and a family, with the words "Saving the planet, it's up to us."

But then she shows us how exciting steps are bringing the solutions closer every year, and she offers practical actions we can all take to help speed up the process.

Chiwah conveys her passion for sustainable living with a persuasive enthusiasm that stirs audiences out of their “business as usual” mindset to take positive action in their own lives and in the world at large.

A yellow bicycle with a plaque saying "Share more, consume less." And to the side, words that say, How to settle for less and still be happy? More WE, Less ME!

Chiwah is the founder and director of Team GreenSaver, where families and individuals work together on projects to solve climate change. A full description of the program can be found on her website,

Several of her articles on the nuclear waste situation at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station have been published in The Life Connection magazine.

Chiwah also speaks on the magic of language and writing and publishing that book that’s been in the back of your mind all these years.

In the authoring and publishing realm, she has published two community magazines, edited scores of books, and guided many new authors through the writing and publishing process via her website for aspiring authors.

Her own books include a children’s storybook and books on writing and animal nutrition. She has ghostwritten two novels (one a Global Book Awards finalist) and a book on healing from prostate cancer.

Chiwah did her graduate studies in linguistics ad USCD, specializing in Native American languages. She has taught languages and linguistics at the University of California, San Diego, and at two California State University campuses.

What Audiences Are Saying …

I was excited to sit in on Chiwah’s climate change presentation. Wow! I sat transfixed by her knowledge. I never knew the extent of the trouble our blue and green planet is in!! Chiwah also enlightened us on the solutions that we all can take part in to reverse the devastation to our living earth! I’ve taken her information that she shared with us and using that knowledge for me to leave a small carbon footprint wherever I am.

— Lucia D., Carlsbad, CA

Chiwah’s cogent presentation was packed with facts and rich in real-time examples that underscore the harm climate change inflicts on Planet Earth and on our individual lives. Even better, she put together a fun and practical plan of action that everyone in the audience could take home for immediate implementation.  Not only were her arguments compelling, her delivery was engaging – everyone in the audience sat in rapt attention and came away convinced of the urgency and worthiness of the cause and ready to do their bit to help save the planet.

— Gloria Cajipe, Oceanside, CA

Recently I went to Chiwah’s presentation and was happy to learn more about our environment. Chiwah’s presentation made me go home and apply her recommendations as well as talk to family and friends about it.

— Barbara De Vito, Encinitas, CA

Chiwah’s slideshow was an eye opener, and she gave us practical steps to take on a personal level and globally. I am more aware now of the role we can play to make changes.

— Eileen Sprague, Oceanside, CA

Yes, we know our earth is in sad shape. And we realize our changing climate is making things worse at an alarming rate. What we want to know is, what can we DO about it?

Still, since some in your audience likely don’t yet realize how bad things are …