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With climate change news increasing our awareness more every month, Americans are getting educated. Even the government has stepped up, with a new law that’s changing everything! That’s a good thing, since change in the climate is affecting us all in increasingly obvious ways. Our kids are hearing about it too, at school, at the dinner table, and in the news.

At Green Song Press, we are thrilled to offer you action steps to give your children a greater understanding of things they can do to make a difference.

Green Song Press publisher and climate change activist Chiwah Slater is a confirmed kid fan and tree hugger. She grew up camping and hiking with her family, then continued the campout tradition with her son as a Cub Scout den mother. Now, empowering kids and their families to make a positive difference for climate change has become her primary focus.

How? By tapping children’s eagerness to be catalysts for sustainable lifestyle changes and giving them tools to show their families how they can help to protect the future. Kids can inspire their folks to “green up” the family life style and follow proven steps to influence government and industry to do the right things!

As a book sherpa and independent publisher, Chiwah realized she was in a position to help make this happen. And Green Song Press was born.

Kids’ books were a natural focus for her. Her main business had been helping new authors get their books written and published. As a side business, she used to entertain herself and her kid audiences as a party clown, pirate, and magician. She wrote her first children’s picture storybook back in 2012 (to be re-launched in 2023).

Griffie and Pluck, our fictional eco stars, are touching young hearts. They are subtly helping kids develop the inner strength they’ll need to see humanity through the huge challenges facing us in today’s world.

And in the process, what if parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles are enlightened and moved to action to ensure the best possible future for all life on the planet? Wouldn’t that be great?

As to the trend to give feet to the climate change movement—we are on it! Sneak a peak inside our first kids’ eco book, Who Are You, Cat-Bird?, and see how Griffie is introducing our kids to earth stewardship—not just with story telling, but with fun activities for kids in Griffie’s Kids. 

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